Comb in Honey – Jar

Comb honey is honey that is sold in its original beeswax comb, straight from the hive. This means you’re getting honey in its most natural and unprocessed form, with the beeswax cells still intact. It has a distinctive appearance due to the hexagonal beeswax cells filled with honey. The honeycomb sections are often light-colored and translucent, showcasing the natural beauty of the comb.

Comb honey is typically sourced locally from beekeepers who harvest it directly from their hives. This ensures freshness and quality, as the honey remains in its original state without any processing or filtration.

Overall, comb honey is a special and natural form of honey that celebrates the work of bees and the beauty of the honeycomb. Whether enjoyed as a gourmet treat or incorporated into culinary creations, comb honey offers a unique taste of nature’s bounty and is a delightful addition to any table.

A chunk of comb in a jar of wildflower honey. Delicious!

Try raw natural Florida honey and naturally infused honey. Offered by The Honey Couple.


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