Wildflower Honey

Local Florida honey from wildflowers around the Tampa Bay area.

Wildflower honey is sourced from the nectar of various wildflowers, herbs, and flowering plants that are native to the region where the bees forage. The exact composition of floral sources can vary based on the season and geographical location. It has a unique and complex flavor profile that reflects the diversity of flowers visited by the bees. It can range from light and mild to robust and bold, depending on the predominant floral sources. Wildflower honey often has floral, fruity, and sometimes earthy undertones.

Wildflower honey is typically raw and unprocessed, meaning it is not heated or filtered excessively to preserve its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and flavor. Raw honey retains more of its beneficial properties compared to processed honey. Wildflower honey is often sourced locally from apiaries that practice sustainable beekeeping. Buying locally produced wildflower honey allows you to enjoy a product that reflects the unique terroir and floral diversity of your region.


Try raw natural Florida honey and naturally infused honey. Offered by The Honey Couple.



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