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Raw and naturally infused honeys
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Honey, Naturally

Raw and Infused Honey. No artificial flavors, preservatives, extracts, or oils.

The Honey Couple offers high quality honey sourced from local Florida beehives without the additives you’d commonly find in store-bought honey. Enhanced with 100% natural flavors from herbs and spices, fruits, and flowers, our honey has robust flavor options you can indulge in guilt-free.

The pure essence of Florida's thriving beehives is within reach. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled richness of raw honey to add natural sweetness to any food or beverage.

Experience nature's golden nectar complimented by notes of vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, or even garlic. Delight your senses with our exquisite collection of infused honeys.

Are you looking for a local Florida based honey supplier? Get in touch with us for wholesale pricing. Great option for restaurants, grocery stores, tea shops, and more.

how we got started

About Us

We’re often asked “So what got you into beekeeping?” the short answer is the bees found us!

Around 2015 Robert’s parents had a bee hive start in the roof of their home. They called a local beekeeper who came and collected the hive and removed them. After some research his parents decided to try keeping bees and started their first 2 hives.

at the market

Visit Us

Come ‘bee’ with us at a market to taste our honey!

Awaken your senses to the golden hues and rich aromas of our delicious artisanal honey, crafted with care and dedication. Discover a symphony of flavors, from delicate floral notes to robust undertones, as you sample our wide array of honey varieties. 

Join us amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the farmers market, where community thrives and nature’s treasures abound. Come taste the difference and take home a jar of liquid gold that captures the essence of pure, unadulterated sweetness.