Fire In The Hive Spicy Honey

Habanero, Ghost Peppers And Honey? Oh My!

Local Florida wildflower honey infused with Habanero and Ghost peppers.

Tasty with: Pizza, Cheese & Crackers, Chicken Wings, Seafood, Ribs & Rubs, Roasted Vegetables, Glazing Meats, and Cocktails.

You get that spicy heat from habanero and ghost peppers! Habanero and ghost peppers are both known for their intense heat levels and distinctive flavor profiles. Habaneros provide a fruity and floral heat, while ghost peppers (or Bhut jolokia) offer a more intense and lingering heat with earthy undertones. The combination of these two peppers adds complexity and depth to the spice component of the flavor. The contrast between spicy peppers and sweet honey creates a dynamic flavor profile that stimulates the taste buds. The initial burst of heat from the peppers is followed by a soothing sweetness from the honey, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying taste experience.


Try raw natural Florida honey and naturally infused honey. Offered by The Honey Couple.



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